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Twisting the Twine


Spray painting tubes is kind of hard. Paint flies everywhere and so much less gets on the project than needs to be. I was not about to try to cover the stabilizing legs in paint after how frustrated I was with the rest of the chair already. These chairs are also going to spend a significant amount of time outside, so the metal bar pressing up against bare legs in 116 degree mid-summer heat would not feel good. My answer? Twine!

It took a while to figure out how to get it tight and even, perhaps longer than it should have since I had Ash’s “help.” I really like how the twine color accents the lighter creams in the fabric and adds a bit of fancy to the chair. Definitely not looking like they came out of 1989 anymore.

Here’s a close up of the paint, twine, and fabric together. Pretty nice match considering it was all chosen from memory. I think these are going to look really nice once the flowers start coming up all over the yard.

Ashton loves modeling the chairs- even if they don’t have seats yet! I’m hoping to start tearing those apart tomorrow. It shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Dusty fabric and rusty staples….perhaps it will be a nap time project.

We are quite happy with the results so far.


Spray Paint


At heart, it seems like an ingenious idea: mix paint and texture in a can. The effects are awesome and it seems oh so convenient. Press and spray. Viola! I was so excited this morning as I purchased the 2 cans of paint that the guy at Home Depot recommended. The excitement, however, didn’t last long.

After 20 minutes of spraying, I discovered a few things about spray paint…

  • It is an expensive goopy mess. If it isn’t sprayed just right, with just a thin enough coat, then unsightly drips fall down your project.
  • Sensitive to funky smells? Spray paint is the stinkiest paint I have EVER used. I mean knock-you-out smelly. So much so that even though a paint mask I was feeling dizzy as I added texture and color to the chairs.
  • This stuff is wasteful! So much paint is lost to the drop cloth- a problem that I have never had with a paint brush. I think there were times where my toes had more brown on them than the chair legs.
  • My finger got a cramp.
  • Two cans was not enough paint. I had to go out and buy 4 more just to get the chairs mostly covered.

Six cans of paint and a headache later, the chair metal is almost all a rusty brown color. The effect is actually really cool. While I will probably never use the stuff again, I am quite pleased with how are turning out so far…even if it is winding up to be more expensive than I had originally planned. I have a feeling we will be keeping these things around for quite some time.

Next step: Twisting twine along the stabilizing bars. Stay tuned.

Introducing: The Chairs


I have been on a crafting and creating kick the past few weeks. It’s been my sanity-saver lately. When the stress of family, keeping up with chores, work, etc etc etc has started to get to me, I have been diving into projects to keep my mind and hands busy.

So when I saw that my friend Julie had put out a set of 4 dining chairs for the garbage men, the lightbulb went on in my head: I can re-finish these chairs for the porch! Into the back of the car they went.

I didn’t know this until a few days later, but the chairs had belonged to Julie’s grandmother and it had been hard for her to put them to the curb in preparation for her big move. I am really excited to give these  chairs a new life with some spray paint and lovely fabric. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!