I am hopeless at blogging. Really terrible at it. It’s not that I don’t want to be good at it– I really do like writing! It’s more that I start a blog and then forget about it and never write again. I give this one a week.

I am a wife and mother most of the time, massage therapist other times, and more or less very good at making myself busier than is comfortable. I like to cook things that are too complicated for the short time I have, buy things for amazing projects that I never finish (just wait til you see the pile of unfinished crafts in my closet!), and I have a black thumb. I’m pretty sure just my presence kills plants- no joke. So my new fascination with gardening should be an interesting experience. But in the process of all of these shortcomings, I learn new things, become better, and occasionally finish really cool projects that I am very proud of.


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