Lavender Lemon Cookies


Well, that “once a week” thing lasted for a grand total of one week. Oh well.

Anyway, I love lavender. I always have it around in essential oil form and use lavender shampoo. Last summer we managed to even get over to a lavender festival in Santa Fe with Dan’s aunt Wendy. We made lavender wands, sniffed lavender candles, and tried out lavender chicken samples. YUM. Over by the music (though their music was sadly not about lavender) there was a table selling lavender lemonade and cookies. Boy, did those sound good! After paying out our couple of bucks for some aptly themed refreshments, I was sorely disappointed that the lavender could barely even be noticed in the cookies! I vowed at that moment that I would find a truly lavender cookie recipe and make it myself.

Skip forward a year and add in a unhealthy addiction to Pinterest. I happened to stumble upon a wonderful recipe on this blog, which is an adaption of a recipe from this blog over here. Anyway, I broke out the butter and lavender and got baking.These are finally the true lavender cookies that I was craving. They are buttery, lemony, and floral- all without being overpowering. One correction on the original, though. I was impatient in waiting for the second batch to cool before dipping them in the icing and they came out just as nice as the others, even though they were still warm from the oven. These cookies are a big hit with everyone, even the two year old. I am sure we will be munching on these with some tea tomorrow morning. And afternoon. And evening- if they make it that far.


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